Letters to Ms. Em

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“Letters to Ms. Em” are the reflections of Rainn – a young man who is presently doing life in prison. In 2006, he wrote a letter to Ms. Em which created a family-ship and changed both of their lives. In Rainn’s letters and poems he shares his desire to be a part of a loving family; his attempts, beginning at ten-years-old to fight-off an abusive step-father in order to protect his mother; the calling of “the streets” and the anger and pain that followed him into adulthood resulting in a conviction of life without parole.

In “Letters to Ms. Em” you will experience Rainn’s personal struggles to become the man he always knew he was destined to be. You will feel the compassion, the wisdom he earned from personal tragedies in his home and in “the streets,” which he is now using to mentor America’s youth heading down the wrong street.

While “Letters to Ms. Em” is heart-wrenching, Rainn’s writing demonstrate his committment to redemption, rehabilitation, responsibility and reconciliation; they are filled with the message of hope and rich with his voice of change. In the words of Rainn “It feels good to be a part of something that’s living instead of something that lived just to die.”