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May 14, 2019

MeJah Books, Inc.

MeJah Books, Inc. has enjoyed the support, growth and success in the community since "1998" when it was founded in Claymont, Delaware by Emlyn DeGannes and co-operated by her family Jewel A. Sanchez, Jordan P Harris-DeGannes and Diane Barnes.

We are indeed "a different kind of bookstore" because our customers are our biggest fans and we have dedicated ourselves to servicing each customer.  MeJah Books, has become a gathering place, providing information, resources and the lively engagement of creative ideas.

Although the company specializes in showcasing the contribution of authors from the Afrikan Diaspora and to promote racial pride; we offer a diverse inventory and have access to over I million titles of various genre.

Our Approach

Our Story

Emlyn DeGannes

Founder of MeJah Books, Inc.

Emlyn DeGannes, popularly known as Ms. Em founded MeJah Books, Inc., in 1998 in Claymont, Delaware with family members Jewel A. Sanchez, Jordan P Harris-DeGannes and Diane Barnes. Her vision was to create a different type of bookstore that would celebrate the literature, history, culture and the pride of people from the African Diaspora.

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